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André’s awesome drawing about a sonnet written by Edna St. Vincent Millay for our AP Lit project! I absolutely love it! #drawing #love #heartbreak

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Please tell me this isn’t an April fool’s joke because I will cry.

If you’re scrolling past this right now because you don’t want to watch a video you are incredibly wrong.

No seriously I’m going to be reblogging this forever and ever to make sure you all see it.

What the hell would the job of Pokémon Master at Google even entail though? Lmao.

Edit: This is actually pretty disappointing. The video makes it look like some sort of AR game where you have to go out to the locations of the Pokémon to capture them, in reality you just scroll around the map looking for them to catch them.

Aww man really? You don’t have to go to the location to catch them?

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